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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

God And Graduation

Incredible Daughter #2 graduated from high school last week, and in conservative OC at least, God is still invited. County Supe Todd Spitzer worked in a couple references to the Almighty in his comments and no one fainted or screamed.

In that light, I offer up this from Michael Medved, with a sad shake of the head:
We recently attended the public high school graduation ceremony for our second daughter.

With twelve speeches and a half-dozen musical performances, however, the faculty, students and guests scrupulously and noticeably avoided one word in the lengthy proceedings: the word God. There was no invocation, no benediction, no "God Bless America," no wish for "divine guidance" in going forward in life. This absence seemed particularly awkward because a graduation is a life cycle event: like a marriage, a funeral or a christening, it celebrates change and continuity--closing chapters and new beginnings. Without any timeless context, the participants invoked endless platitudes about "finding your own truth" and "following your hearts"--a bleak suggestion that these 18-year-olds are now on their own in shaping their lives!

The current allergy to religion in public occasions helps strip both life cycle events and education of their deepest meaning.
Amen, brother.

h/t Jim
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