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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Things America Doesn't Do

You'd think we were the global bad guys if you wasted any brain cells believing the Kerry-Kos-Kremlin axis. But wait ... we're such a good country, the sort of country that never, ever would do something like this:

Boy kidnapped by regime 28 years ago meets his mother
From Leo Lewis in Tokyo
The Times of London

A MAN abducted while playing on a beach in South Korea as a 16-year-old schoolboy in 1978 was reunited with his mother yesterday after 28 years of seclusion in North Korea.

The carefully choreographed reunion has reignited anger and anguish in South Korea and Japan, where the fate of almost 500 citizens believed kidnapped by the secretive communist regime has become a national issue.

Kim Young Nam threw his arms around his wheelchair-bound mother and told her: “Stop crying. Why are you crying on such a happy day?” “You look just like you used to,” she replied. ...

The schoolboy was playing on a beach in the town of Kunsan when he was snatched by North Korean agents.

Along with a suspected 480 other South Korean abductees, he disappeared into the Stalinist regime. Few of the abductees have seen their families again.

When Mr Kim asked his mother about the whereabouts of his father, Mrs Choi told him that he had died 20 years ago from grief at the abduction.

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