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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Peoples Republic Stumbles

The city council of Irvine, which is trying to create the Peoples Republic of Irvine in the heart of OC, suffered an embarassing setback last night.

The cause of this political revolution, as with many preceding it, was something small and seemingly innocuous: A motion to form a sister-city relationship with the Xuhui District in China. "Not if we can help it," said hundreds of Taiwanese nationals and anti-Mainland China residents.

Irvine already has a sister city relationship with
Taoyuan, Taiwan, but that would change under the pact with Xuhui:
In the pact signed by an Irvine staffer, the city pledged to not send officials to Taiwan’s National Day celebrations and never to refer to “two Chinas” or “one China, one Taiwan.”
Faced with the protests, the council backed down and mayor Beth "Krommunist" Krom publicly apologized to the mayor of Taoyuan. Here's council member Christina Shea:
“We should be celebrating our new sister city relationship” with Xuhui, said Councilwoman Christina Shea. “Unfortunately, the city of Irvine has suffered ridicule and embarrassment.”
What's to celebrate in breaking a relationship with a free and democratic republic in favor of a repressed, Communist, expansionary state? Irvine suffered a wake-up call and the ridicule and embarrassment is all the city council's.

The same should happen on a national scale.

Source and photo: OCRegister
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