Cheat-Seeking Missles

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Goofy E-Mail Stuff

I probably should have promised to never pass along any of the goofy emails I receive, but I'm glad I didn't. Otherwise I couldn't share these with you:
  • How come we choose from just two people for president and over fifty for Miss America?
  • I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose-fitting clothes. If I had any loose-fitting clothes, I wouldn't have signed up in the first place!
  • Why is it that our children can't read a Bible in school, but they can in prison?
  • And low-life as all get out, but still the funniest of the bunch: I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with "Guess" on it. So I said, "Implants?" She hit me.
Seriously, the humor that blankets America is a wonderful thing, and a sign that we are a healthy and enviable country. Word-of-mouth gave way to the telephone which gave way to the fax which gave way to emails, and with each iteration, the laughter spread farther and we became more good natured, as God planned when He planted on this land.