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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Crooks Love Porous Borders

There was a drug raid in OC yesterday.
Agents confiscated drug-making chemicals, scales, handguns and $240,000 in cash. One suspected lab, at 1371 S. Loara St., was within two blocks of a school. ... During the investigation, agents confiscated 15 pounds of methamphetamine, a kilo of cocaine, 70 grams of heroin, 10 firearms and two handgun silencers.
Standard stuff, huh? Not quite. The agents weren't from the Drug Enforcement Administration; they were from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Why would that be? Hint:
Three of the arrests were suspected ringleader Jose Anguiano-Barragan, 37, of Anaheim; Daniel Contreras, 24, of Orange and Ricardo Sacro-Sanchez, 22, of Riverside. Two other men, Jose Crisofono Valencia-Rios, 38, of Anaheim and Pedro Sanchez, 23, of Riverside are expected to appear in federal court today.
When flag-waving Mexican immigrants -- often waving a flag other than ours -- protested a couple months ago, one of their more outlandish slogans was "we're legal, too" because they did honest work. Many -- most -- illegals do decent work, but we can't forget that a porous border is a fine, fine tool for drug smugglers and (witness the silencers) murderers.

Source and photo: OCRegister
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