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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Palestine: What Corruption?

Last night, I was enjoying reading AP's report on Israel's latest insanely cool reaction to the Palestinians latest self-defeating idiocy. Particularly liked the bit about the four fighters buzzing Assad's summer palace and the gutsyness of swiping one-third of the thug terrorists who sit in the Palistinian cabinet.

But it's AP, right? So there's sure to be something really stupid in the story. And sure enough, one paragraph from the end they let 'er rip:
Gaza's economy was already in the doldrums before the Israeli assault, a result of five years of Israeli-Palestinian violence and an international aid boycott that followed Hamas' parliamentary election victory in January. The Israeli assault threatened to turn a bad situation into a disaster _ underscoring the extent to which hopes have been dashed following the optimism that accompanied Israel's pullout.
Nary a word about the billions of aid dollars stolen by Yassir and his Yass Men, not a peep about rampant corruption. The Israel-Palestine violence as opposed to the Palestine-Israel violence?

Israel has the power to turn the massive mess that is Palestine into a disaster? Oh, please. Palestine is the definition of disaster.

hat-tip: Breitbart
photo: Reuters
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