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Monday, April 14, 2008

That Dreaded Bush Is Turning Off The World -- Not

Italians appear to not be so turned off by George Bush that they're rejecting conservatism:

ROME (WSJ) -- Conservative leader Silvio Berlusconi appeared to clinch Italy's national election Monday, making it likely that the media mogul will return as prime minister for a third time.

Mr. Berlusconi's center-right Freedom People party was set to get 164 seats in the upper house of parliament, the senate, while the Democratic Party of center-left rival Walter Veltroni was expected to win 139 seats, early projections showed.

In other words, the Bush-like conservatives dominated and the Reid-Pelosi, Obama-Clinton types got seriously hosed.

Before you say there's no comparison, let me humbly point out that there most certainly is. In Italy, the main issue was the economy, as it is here. Berlusconi's Freedom Party supports tax cuts and spending cuts. The Democratic Party supports ... well, you guess what they support.

It seems like sensible Europeans want to be more like America, while nonsensical Americans want to be more like Europe.

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