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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Six Word Memoir

Talk about a funny go-around. I had a hoot a month or two back with my "Six-Word Slogans for America" post which generated a couple hundred fun responses and these two winners:

For serious slogan, from Patrick: Free markets, free speech, free society.

And for fun slogan, from Joe Y.: Twenty million Mexicans can’t be wrong.

The post came roundabout from a book on six-word memoirs, and now Greg at Rhymes With Right has tagged me to come up with my own six-word memoir. A teacher, he played with his alma mater's Latin motto and came up with "Gladly would he learn and teach," which is pretty darn splendid. Love the "gladly."

My alma mater, Indiana, has the motto "Lux et veritas," truth and light, which is fine (I wish it were still true on the campus, though). But it's only three words.

The grammarian in me makes me lean towards something like ...
"My kingdom for a proper semicolon."
... but that's not a whole lot to dedicate my life to. Besides, last time I checked, I have no kingdom.

So I thought, what do I live my life for? My faith, my family and my freedom. Alliterate a bit, and:
Forever for family, faith and freedom.
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