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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Obama The Wimp

Apparently no one has briefed Barack Obama that he is running for president of a country called the United States, which, last time I checked, was the most powerful and influential nation on the power.

Here is the Dem front-runner's response when asked his position on China, Tibet and the Olympics:
"It's very hard to tell your banker that he's wrong," Obama said, after talking about the need to restore America's stance in the world, "And if we are running huge deficits and big national debts and we're borrowing money constantly from China, that gives us less leverage. It give us less leverage to talk about human rights, it also is giving us less leverage to talk about the uneven trading relationship that we have with China." (ABC)
Just because Beijing's sitting on a fat wad of our treasuries, we don't have any leverage at all with them? The fact that they depend on our markets means nothing? Or perhaps the fact that we can exert all sorts of trade and diplomatic pressure because of this little thing called influence?


This is Obama on the relatively soft issue of human rights. Imagine Obama going to Tehran to talk to Ahmadinejad if this is all he thinks of the power and influence America. Imagine what he thinks of our capability to achieve victory in Iraq.

And ask yourself, what do you think he'll be able to do to help our economic situation if he's this defeatist about one of America's economic problems?

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