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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Front and center on Yahoo's home page today: Absolut's absolutely offensive reconquista ad with the lead headline: Absolut Controversy: The makers of Absolut vodka pull an ad showing California in Mexico. (And Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Oregon -- let's be honest here!)

The subhead: Call for boycotts.

Even now that it's reportedly pulled the ad, Absolut has not replaced the lame and offensive statement from Paula Ericsson, communications chief, on its Web site. (Enter an age over 21 to enter.) How utterly unprofessional -- if a decision is made to pull the ad, a message is posted concurrent with the announcement. That's PR 101, Paula! Fire your PR firm.

(And no, don't hire me. I don't work for liquor, tobacco, gambling, lotteries, porn-purveyors and other profiteers from sin and misery.)

BTW, there are now 208 pages of comments on the site -- up from 49 when I last wrote about this on Friday.

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