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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Crocodile Concern

A few years too late, it seems the International Olympians have realized that something's rotten in the Central Kingdom:
BEIJING (AP/Breitbart) - International Olympic Committee head Jacques Rogge says he's "very concerned" about the unrest in Tibet and other international issues surrounding the Beijing Games.

"I'm very concerned with the international situation and what's happening in Tibet," Jacques Rogge said Monday in Beijing. He was in the Chinese capital to meet with officials from national Olympic committees.
A little late for concern, no? It's not like half the world didn't rise up to tell the Olympic Committee not to give the Beijing Commies the legitimacy -- false legitimacy -- that comes with the Olympics.

So, watcha gonna do about it, Rogge? What kind of window dressing are you going to hang on this mess?

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