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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Absolut-ly Disgusting

I gave up drinking about 8 years ago, so boycotting Absolut won't be too hard for me. How about you? Bad as this ad is, it's not quite worth putting my liver at risk again just to protest the brand's reconquista ad campaign for Hispanics.

Were the reconquest of North America by Mexicans -- who for the most part are just another bunch of continent-grabbers -- successful, I don't think the economy would sustain a whole lot of Absolut drinkers. Cheap mescal would be more the ticket.

Shoot, why not just paint the whole continent red and go after the Native American drunks?

If seeing the ad sends you into a drunken rage, email your protest to at Absolut's PR guy at

hat-tip Jim and Michelle Malkin

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