Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, February 22, 2008

Winners! Six-Word Slogans For America

I'll keep taking votes, but it's evident that we've identified our winning entries into the Cheat-Seeking Missiles Six-Word Slogans for America. Here! They! Are!

Runner-up for best serious slogan, entered by Dave Hardy:

People climb walls to come here.

And the best serious slogan, entered by Patrick:

Free markets, free speech, free society.

Now the runner-up for best humorous slogan -- A three way tie!
  • Someone has to be the grownup, entered by BA.
  • Because everywhere else pretty much sucks, entered by Jimmy Walnuts.
  • Knowing we don't live elsewhere? Priceless. Entered by Alan.
And the runaway winner for best humorous slogan, entered by Joe Y.:

Twenty million Mexicans can’t be wrong.

Thanks, everyone, for your entries and votes.

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