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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

America In A Six-Word Slogan

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Updated: The contest is now closed. View the 200+ entries in the "comments." View the finalists here. Cast your vote here.

Stephen Dubner, writing at the Freakonomics blog at the NYT, is running a contest for a six-word slogan for the U.S.A.

The idea was triggered by a book of six-word memoirs of famous and not-so-famous people, and by England's recent national slogan concept ("No Motto Please. We're British"). As of this posting, Dubner's post has generated 677 comments.

Some are fresh: "Still Using Fahrenheit, Feet, and Gallons."

Some are progressive deploringly negative and ignorant of how dynamic this land of opportunity and equality is: "White? Straight? Christian? Rich? Welcome Home!" or "'Number One? Smells like number two."

Some get it right: "To each, according to his ability"

Precious few are appreciative of this great land, the hope it inspires around the globe and the opportunities it gives those lucky enough to be here. I'd sure like to see more like that ... can you help? Here are some to get the ball rolling:

Planet Earth's shining light of freedom.

Give us your poor. Terrorists excluded.

Proving the magnetic attraction of opportunity.

Can you name one place better?

Please post your six-word slogans below, and pass the word along. I believe six words is more than enough to capture the essence of our nation.

Note: If you want to post something negative, post it at the NYT; that's not the purpose of this effort.

After the comments die down, I'll nominate several as finalists -- then we'll have some fun.