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Monday, February 18, 2008

Six-Word Slogans For America: Results!

Updated: Now with up-to-date results!

Thank you all for the 221 entries you submitted to my little Six-Word Slogans for America contest. They were overwhelming! Creative! Funny! Patriotic! (And unpatriotic, which I didn't even include in the count of entries.)

Before getting to the poll in which you'll select the winners, a few honorable mentions are in order:

First, a celebrity honorable mention for this entry:
I did this years ago.
"A shining city on a hill..."
-- Ronald Reagan
Next, for packing the longest entry into six words, to Phileosophos:
Championing individual freedom since seventeen seventy-six.
And best entry that blew the six-word rule, to Bill Whittle of Eject! Eject! Eject!:
Great Country! (Needs more math education though.)
Finally, to Alan, a very honorable mention for submitting single-handedly 47 entries. They were great and I had a tough time limiting myself to putting just three of his entries into the finals.

There were so many great entries, I decided to give you an opportunity to vote for the best serious six-word slogan and the best humorous six-word slogan.

You can jump to the survey right now be clicking here.

Here are the current results for the nominees for best serious six-word slogan (as of 8:45 p.m. on Feb. 22):
  • People climb walls to come here. (Dave Hardy) -- 22%
  • The last best hope of man. (orotund wallaby) -- 6%
  • After 230 years, history’s friendliest hegemon (Patrick) -- 13%
  • Free markets, free speech, free society. (Patrick) -- 31%
  • New and improved! Kills. Terrorists. Dead. (CW) -- 6%
  • God shed his grace. It shows. (James)* -- 19%
  • Remember Communism and Fascism? Thank America. (Alan) -- 6%
* In the survey, there's a typo -- "Good shed his grace." Unfortunately, once it's posted, the survey responses can't be edited. Sorry, James.

And here are the current results for the nominees for the best funny six-word slogan:
  • We have the most expensive stuff (KHS) -- 3%
  • Someone has to be the grownup. (BA) -- 19%
  • Twenty million Mexicans can’t be wrong. (Joe Y) -- 38%
  • Because everywhere else pretty much sucks. (Jimmy Walnuts) -- 19%
  • Feel free to handle it yourself. (Andy Freeman)
  • Knowing we don’t live elsewhere? Priceless. (Alan) -- 19%
  • Why’s our oil under your sand? (Alan) -- 9%
I know there's something funny with the "funny" results. The math all checks out, but it adds up to 107%. The survey software must have the wrong number of survey-takers or something.

Again, go here to vote.

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