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Friday, April 11, 2008

Quote Of The Day: Simple Enough Even For Carter Edition

"I find it hard to understand what is to be gained by having discussions with Hamas about peace when Hamas is in fact the impediment to peace."
-- Condi Rice

I guess you have to make it pretty simple if you want the worst president in US history to understand it. But I doubt that Jimmy Carter will get it at all.

After all, why shouldn't Carter talk to Hamas if his long history of actions against Israel (here, here, here, ad infinitum) has resulted in such a lucrative "friendship" with the Arabs (here, here, here, ad infinitum)?

The Reuters article from which the quote above comes from is also host to one of the most bizarre, fawning sentences I've ever read. Get ready; gird up those loins! Here it is:
Carter, 83, served one term as president from 1977 to 1981, and has a long history in Middle East peacemaking.
"Peacemaking?!" Let's say it the right way:
Carter, 83, drummed out of office by the American people at their first opportunity, has a long history of miserable failures at trying to broker a Middle Eastern peace, but in a personification of a famous saying about insanity, he keeps trying anyway.
Former presidents should not engage in foreign policy initiatives without the current president's support, it's that simple -- no matter how much money Carter stands to make from this round of personal diplomacy money-grubbing.

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