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Friday, January 25, 2008

Watcher's Winners

The Watcher's Council behaved like a bunch of Republicans this week: They had a lot of candidates to choose from, but had difficulty picking a clear winner.

That said, Done with Mirrors was the clear winner with a tally of 2 2/3 for his essay Liberal Fascism, but that's a rather low tally for a winner. This review of a book by the same name delved into some interesting stuff on the nature of fascism and liberalism, and more about sloppy writing.

There followed a massive tie of six entries, all with one vote. One of those entries, Right Wing Nuthouse's Grim Choices for the GOP, was dinged with a 2/3 penalty, so it would have come in as a low-tally second. I thought Rick a bit too harsh on McCain. He's certainly got troubling baggage, but please, he's no Hillary.

My post, DiCaprio Lies and Hustles Bucks was in that 1-point group. I thought his post had a shot at glory. Sigh.

On the non-Council side, however, my nominee did achieve a moment of splendid glory, racking up a commanding 4 points. It's Iowa Hawk's Bylines of Brutality, which turned the recent NYT story on Iraq vets who murdered people on its ear by looking at the crime record of journalists in recent years.

See all the winners here.

Thanks, Watcher, for putting out this bucket so shining drops of blogging brilliance can be captured.