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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Avalanche Deaths In The Age Of Global Warming

Across America, the families of 23 people killed in avalanches this winter are mourning their tragic losses. They may not be noting that the death toll from avalanches during the 2007-2008 winter season has already exceeded the entire avalanche death count from last winter.

You might, given the battering you've taken from the Warmie hysterics in the media, assume that this is the result of global warming; that snowpacks are becoming unstable due to warmer weather. But, reports USA Today, "Mountain experts point to a number of reasons for the increase in deaths. Among them are above-average snowfall and cold ...."

Above average snowfall and cold. How does that jibe with global warming? Are we to expect higher snowfalls and cold from the climatic chaos that is generally referred to as "global warming?" If so, are we also supposed to expect warmer temperatures and more drought?

Are we to spend hundreds of billions of dollars building infrastructure to protect us from warmer temperatures and longer droughts, and billions more in useless carbon taxes and burdens on industry, even though global warming just might result in colder temperatures and more precipitation?

Yes, half a season does not a trend make, but these trend-busters are everywhere you turn, throwing into doubt the warming trends. Trend-busters like 2007 being the coolest year in many years -- and a year is a bit more indicative than half a winter season.

It is a tragedy these avalanche victims died. Their deaths were s not a geopolitical statement, and it is not my intention to make them so; that would be disrespectful and would overstate the case.

It would understate the case, however, to not note that they died because of colder, wetter weather, which is the opposite of what the bulk of the global temperature models predict.

But I forget ... the debate is over.

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