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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thompson Out, Can We Get Back To "Real Clear Politics?"

Fred Thompson is out.

That makes me very sad because he was always the front-runner in my mind. I don't know why GOP voters didn't find him as appealing as I did -- conservative, low-key, trustworthy, right on the issues, no-nonsense.

But they didn't and now he's out.

Sad as that is, maybe now the Reader Articles section of Real Clear Politics can get back to reality. I'm sick of the puerile silliness that's been going on there lately, as any pro-Thompson post, no matter how dimwitted and lame, can rack up dozens of points and keep any number of better, more insightful posts on subjects other than Thompson off the RCP home page.

Readers Articles is not a presidential poll; it is a place for worthy posts to be recognized as worthy. If it now gets back to normal, that's great -- it's just unfortunate it took the collapse of Thompson to do it.

And it will be very unfortunate if I get boycotted for speaking the truth.

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