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Monday, January 21, 2008

Warmie Psychic: EU To Go Eeeeu Over Poland

Wooo Wooo Warmie, the Global Warming psychic, has conjured up the mystical (non GHG-emitting) spirits and proclaimed this prediction: Hauty EU members from Western Europe are going to snub their Eastern Europe counterparts in Poland ... and soon.

Mystical spirits? Methinks not! Wooo Wooo's just been reading the dancing electrons again:
Coal is king in Poland, the European Union's top producer, and Warsaw is poised for a fight to keep burning as much as possible in power stations, feeding its economy despite the pollution.

Sitting on an estimated 140 years' worth of coal reserves, Poland is on tenterhooks ahead of Brussels' announcement Wednesday of final proposals for how the EU's 27 member countries will have to shoulder the burden of slashing 20 percent of the bloc's greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

"We hope the European Commission is taking into account the fact electricity production in Poland remains and, unfortunately, will remain based on coal burning, which is a polluting technology. That's a Polish specific, and there's no getting away from it," environment ministry spokeswoman Elzbieta Strucka told AFP.

Fat chance they will. EU is notorious for discounting its poorer members desire to grow their economies and better their standards of living. Call me cynical, but I think it just might be due to their desire to import cheap manufactured goods and cheap workers from Eastern Europe.

Wooo Wooo tells me that what's really funny about this whole situation is that Poland is way ahead of the effete Western Europeans when it comes to meeting Kyoto protocol targets:

Poland was able to more than meet its Kyoto Protocol obligations to curb emissions of carbon dioxide -- one of the main gases held responsible for global climate change -- largely thanks to the closure of a swathe of polluting, communist-era industrial behemoths during market economy reforms after 1989.

The country's emissions are now 32 percent lower than in 1988 -- surpassing the required six-percent cut -- despite a tripling of the number of vehicles on the road amid growing wealth since the fall of communism.

Yeah, sez the EU. So what?
But the EU's executive body, the European Commission, wants Warsaw to do even more.

In March 2007, the Commission gave Polish heavy industry a carbon dioxide emission quota of 208.5 million tonnes for 2008-2012, almost 27 percent lower than Warsaw had requested.
Meanwhile, check out this Google search on EU imports from China. All their imports -- including those from China's massively polluting steel industry -- are surging to new records.

So you slap the Poles and support the Chinese, is that the trick, EU bureaucrats? Seems to me that not much at all fair sprouts from Brussels.

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