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Monday, January 21, 2008

Quote Of The Day: You Had It Coming Edition

"We are being killed, we are starving!"
-- Palestinian TV announcer

Day two of the electrical shut-off in Palestine and the World Champion Victims are already dying?

Can we say, "Emergency preparation?"

Even the UN, which has become quite adept at leveraging the Palestinian cause for more power and money, says it can feed the 1.3 million Gaza residents dependent on charity food through Thursday or the end of this week.

The Israelis cut off some of Gaza's power and fuel in response to a wave of rocket attacks; 53 rockets fell into Israel from Gaza on the two days preceding the shutoff. Here's a typical Gaza response, from the AP story that's the source of our lead-off quote:
Health Ministry official Moaiya Hassanain warned the fuel cutoff would cause a health catastrophe. "We have the choice to either cut electricity on babies in the maternity ward or heart surgery patients or stop operating rooms," he said.
Hamas has claimed five people have already died in hospitals as a result of the cut-offs -- and that allegation has already been called untrue by unnamed sources in the AP story.

Nowhere in the AP story is there a hint that the Palestinians will respond by stopping the rockets. No Palestinian official is quoted calling for that obvious solution and one pro-Palestinian Israeli whack job group is quoted saying that, "punishing Gaza's 1.5 million civilians does not stop the rocket fire; it only creates an impossible 'balance' of human suffering on both sides of the border."

How do they know so soon that it won't stop the rockets? Are they convinced that the Palestinians are so bent on destroying Israel and killing Jews that it will take starvation to stop them? If so, why is the group, Gisha, supporting Hamas?

Will the tactic work? Of course not. Nothing works with the Palestinians.
"If we open the crossings [and turn on the power] again tomorrow there will be rockets that fall again on Israel," [Defense Ministry spokesman Shlomo] Dror said. "They don't want to recognize Israel and want to destroy Israel, that's their problem. They shouldn't expect that we will help them destroy us."
Does that mean Israel is wrong to try something new to stop the rockets? Of course not. Call it a non-violent protest. Call them the new Gandhi. Israel-haters will hate them, but they will hate them no matter what. The rest of us will see once again how unreasonable and insane the Palestinian "government" is.

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