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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Brace Yourself: Kartoonistan 2 May Be Coming Soon

For five years, Geert Wilders has been living in a Dutch safehouse, as situation he "wouldn't wish on anyone" -- and for good reason, since two like-minded folk, Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh, had both been murdered in the name of radical Islam.

You'd think that would give Wilders the right to create a simple 10-minute film on the effects the Islamification of Europe is having on the Netherlands.

You'd be wrong:
A senior Iranian lawmaker warned the Netherlands on Monday not to allow the screening of what it called an anti-Islamic film produced by a Dutch politician, claiming it "reflects insulting views about the Holy Koran."
And slashing van Gogh's throat so deep he's almost decapitated just because he made a 10-minute film on how Islamic women are treated doesn't reflect an insulting view about the Koran?
Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, promised widespread protests and a review of Iran's relationship with the Netherlands if Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders' work is shown.

"If Holland will allow the broadcast of this movie, the Iranian parliament will request to reconsider our relationship with it," Boroujerdi said, according to IRNA, the official Iranian news agency. "In Iran, insulting Islam is a very sensitive matter and if the movie is broadcasted it will arouse a wave of popular hate that will be directed towards any government that insults Islam. (Fox News)
A film by Wilders could well generate a reaction similar to the Kartoonistan riots because the man, who heads the Party for Freedom, doesn't choose his words very carefully when talking about Islam:
  • "The tsunami of Islamicization is coming to Europe. We should come to be far stronger."
  • "I believe our culture is much better than the retarded Islamic cultures. Ninety-nine percent of the intolerance in the world comes back to the Islamic religion and the Koran."

That's definitely not the way I'd put it, since saying "retarded Islamic cultures" isn't going to encourage ... uh ... dysfunctional Islamic cultures to change. Nor is calling for Europe to ban the Koran, as he did five months ago in an essay, "Enough is Enough," which began:
The Koran is a facist book which incites violence,writes Geert Wilders. That is why this book, just like Mein Kampf, must be banned.

I have been proclaiming this for years: A moderate Islam does not exist. For those who don't want to believe me: read the speech which the Italian writer Oriana Fallaci who alas, died last year held in New York on November 28th 2007 when she received a prize for her heroic resistance to Islamo facism and her struggle for freedom:

"A moderate Islam does not exist. It does not exist because there is no difference between Good Islam and Bad Islam. There is Islam and that it the end of it. Islam is the Koran, and nothing other than the Koran. And the Koran is the Mein Kampf of a religion that desires to eliminate others - non-Muslims - who are called infidel dogs, and inferior creatures. Read the Koran, that Mein Kampf, yet again. In whatever version and you will see that the evil which the sons of Allah against us and themselves has perpetrated comes from that book". ...

Enough is enough. Let's stop with the politically correct spin and hype. ... The core of the problem is fascistic Islam, the sick ideology of Allah and Mohammed as it is set out in the Islamic Mein Kampf: the Koran. The texts in the Koran leave little to the imagination.
To Islam, as the only global religion that can tolerate no criticism, that's the kind of stuff you slit throats and burn embassies over. They don't even bother asking themselves why they aligned so easily with the Nazis in WWII -- a question that is answered in the pages of the Koran as much as anywhere else.

As Iran threatens, the Dutch government cowers, admitting they're nervous, hoping Wilder will rethink, but to their credit steadfastly saying government has no control over what he says until he says it since they have this quaint freedom of speech thing going there.

That message of freedom makes Wilder's film like Bhutto's return to Pakistan -- dangerous and risky, for sure, but even if it all turns out horribly, it makes a strong point about the dangers of radical, intolerant, ugly, violent Islam.

Stay tuned. The film could air as early as this week.

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