Cheat-Seeking Missles

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday Reading

Oh, boy! Just scan those headlines and drool ... it looks like a cranium-packin' collection of entries in this week's Watcher's Council festival of good stuff. We Council members will forward our best picks to the Watcher of Weasels Thursday evening and you'll see the winners here Friday morning.

Until then, happy reading!

Council links:

  1. What Is "Freedom"?
    The Colossus of Rhodey
  2. The Radicalization of American Politics
    The Glittering Eye
  3. Liberal Fascism
    Done With Mirrors
  4. Hillanomix 101
    Wolf Howling
  5. If Ever We Needed a Special Prosecutor (BUMPED)
    Rhymes With Right
  6. Rose Colored Rudy
    Soccer Dad
  7. Di Caprio Lies and Hustles Bucks
    Cheat Seeking Missiles
  8. The Problem With Obama's Race
    Bookworm Room
  9. 'I Have A Dream' -- The Democrat's Version
  10. Mike Huckabee for Minister in Chief?
    Big Lizards
  11. Our Out of Control Borders: Who's Accountable?
    The Education Wonks
  12. Grim Choices Confront GOP
    Right Wing Nut House
Non-council links:
  1. Media Lens Tries History, Yet Again
    Oliver Kamm
  2. About the Anarcholibertarians
    The QandO Blog
  3. Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters
    The Onion
  4. The Navy's Failing China Policy
    Pajamas Media
  5. Texas Landowners Refuse to Give Up Their Land
  6. Doctors and Death and Doctors Death
    The IgNoble Experiment
  7. Bylines of Brutality
  8. Let's End the Cold War and Get Rid of Marxist BS Once and for All
    Dr. Sanity
  9. It's All Israel's Fault
    Gates of Vienna
  10. A Relatively Scientific Experiment
    Power Line
  11. The Guy Who Wasn't In Last Night's Debate (But Might As Well Have Been...)
    Classical Values
  12. What Might Have Been... And What Was
  13. Ex-Congressman Tied to Many Current and Former Congressmen Indicted in Scheme to Aid Terrorists
  14. Pondering the Google Slap
Thank you, Watcher, for serving up this steamin' plate of brain food!