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Friday, January 04, 2008

Secular Progressive Insanity

Here's a bit of classic secular progressive-think for you:
  1. People who rape and murder little girls to get their sexual jollies need help, not jail, so let's keep their prison sentences to a minimum. Say three years or so.

  2. People who are (1) foolish enough to have children and (2) savage enough to spank them are the worst of criminals. Let's charge those parents with abuse and neglect. (Neglect? For being aware that there's a disciplinary problem that needs dealing with?)
That's the state of the law -- and the mindset of the state -- in Massachusetts today under its current and proposed laws.

Read more at The Provocateur, who adds:
I am not necessarily a huge fan of spanking, however it is not only ironic but downright shameful that a state moves quicker to stop parents from deciding for themselves what punishment their kids should have than they do from protecting children from actual child predators.

Such is the absurd and perverse world view of the secular progressives. In their world, all criminals need treatment not punishment. At the same time, parenting decisions are taken away from the parents and controlled rather by the states. In some sense, child predators have more rights than parents.

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