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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Honor Killings? What Honor Killings?

Media reticence to confront Muslim quirks like honor killings and their enthusiasm to cover hate crimes couldn't be more evident than what's showing up in Dallas in the wake of the apparent -- can you hear my gag as I insert the obligatory qualifier? -- honor killing of two teenage girls by their Egyptian Muslim father.

The second story on Dallas/Ft. Worth news radio station KRLD's Web site this afternoon is:
Outrage In Arlington Over Hate Crime

There's outrage in Arlington following an attack on a black woman and racist graffiti spray painted on a garage door. About two weeks ago, Broderick Gamble and Silk Littlejohn found racial slurs spray painted on the garage of their home. Just two days prior to that, Littlejohn was allegedly hit with a two-by-four by a 66 year-old neighbor. She now faces hate crime charges. Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck joined the police chief and the president of the NAACP to ease racial tension in the upscale neighborhood and across the city saying Arlington will not tolerate these types of crimes.

After at first refusing, Gamble announced here on KRLD that he now plans to accept and install new garage doors. Mayor Cluck will join the NAACP at a meeting at Wimbish Elementary tonight to discuss the issue.

This story is two weeks old, folks. The only "news" is that somebody gave Gamble a new garage door. How newsworthy is that compared to the brutal murder of two teens by their father because their American dating habits reportedly [gag] offended his Islamic sensibilities?

Apparently, it's quite a bit more newsworthy. The story on the murders [honor killings] of Sarah and Amina Said by their father was one, two ... let's see ... 11 stories down -- the last story on the page, after such newsworthy items as a newly imposed ban on outdoor burning [of leaves, not daughters] and a new civic campaign to get boys to pull their pants up.

Here's the station's full write-up of the murder of the Said girls:
Vigil Planned to Honor Murdered Lewisville Sisters

Pink will be the color-of-the-day at Lewisville High School where students return this morning from their Christmas break. Student leaders are asking classmates to wear pink in honor of two sisters found murdered in their father's taxi cab in Las Colinas Tuesday night. Police are still hunting down the father, Yaser Abdel Said, who is the leading suspect. Amina and Sarah Said were known as excellent students and fine athletes -- and their friends are staggered to hear of the murders. The Student Council is planning a prayer vigil this evening at Lewisville High. They're also asking students to wear pink today because that was Amina and Sarah's favorite color.

Were they Muslims? Gee, I just can't tell. What was Yaser Abdel Said's motive? I haven't got a clue.

Is the American media afraid to confront Islam? You betcha.

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