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Friday, January 04, 2008

Honor Killing Motive In Said Case: Denied, But ...

The brother of two Texas Muslim girls murdered (allegedly)by their father denies that the barbaric Islamic practice of honor killings had anything to do with the killing of his sisters.

Mr. [Islam] Said also disputed widespread rumors and media reports that his father's religion may have been part of the motive. There has been speculation that the slayings were an honor killing, a practice in some Muslim cultures where a man kills a female family member who is believed to have shamed the family.

"It's not religion," he said. "It's something else. Religion has nothing to do with it." (Dallas Morning News)

Islam Said offered no alternative motive, however, and police are still investigating honor killing as a motive. The same report provided new information that underscored the motive -- buried a bit, but offered nonetheless:

Zohair Zaidi, a close friend of Sarah's, said Sarah told him their father had threatened harm to Amina recently when he discovered she had a boyfriend.

"Her dad has always been oppressive with her and her sister," said Mr. Zaidi, 18.

"She said that one day when she came home – the day he found out about Amina's boyfriend – he told Sarah, 'I'm going to put a bullet through Amina's head, and you better get used to her because she's not going to be around much longer.' "

If liberal legislators can create the phony legal concept of "hate crime" without so much as a mini-shudder, then why not enact anti-honor killing legislation? Aren't Muslim daughters and wives worth the extra effort to protect?

Ha. I predict it will be a long time before you see an elected Democrat introducing an anti-honor killing bill out of fear of Islamic backlash, and fear of appearing intolerant of the world's most intolerant religion.

Yaser Said remains at large. Let's bring him in alive so we can have a massively publicized honor killing trial, and then, since this is Texas we're talking about, execute the SOB.

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