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Friday, December 21, 2007

Watcher's Winners

Since it's Christmas shopping season, I guess it is appropriate that this was a week of exceedingly hard choices for we members of the Watcher's Council. There were so many nicely presented word gifts to choose from among the entries in this week's Watcher of Weasels Santa's bag o' blogs!

My pick for the really big present you want to open first, Big Lizard's The Courage to do Nothing, did in fact come in first. There's been a lot written about global warming myth-making and opportunism, and this is one of the best. One excerpt:

The problem is that the UN's IPCC is not a scientific body; it is a political body, controlled by diplomats and politicians and operating under political rules -- but releasing its "findings" as if they were science. Other politicians then seize upon these political reports to claim that "the science" backs their demands for essentially socialist redistribution of wealth from rich, modern, capitalist countries ("polluters") to poor, anachronistic, socialist ones ("innocent victims").

This further allows socialists to pretend that socialism works: It "works" when capitalists are forced by some legal regime to contribute constant coerced infusions of cash to prevent these third-world economies from completely collapsing.

Coming in second was yours truly, with Separation of Church and State, Secularist Style, about a teacher at Capo Valley High School (where my tax dollars go!) who is a bullying bigot, attacking Christians and conservatives at will, and being paid by us to do it. One of his rants:

... Conservatives don't want women to avoid pregnancies. That's interfering with God's work. You got to stay pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen to have babies until your body collapses. All over the world, doesn't matter where you go, conservatives want control over women's reproductive capacity. Everywhere in the world, from conservative Christians in this country to, um, Muslim fundamentalists in Afghanistan. It's the same. It's stunning how vitally interested they are in controlling women.

Great, huh? Bookworm also wrote a very good piece on the same topic, More on the Teacher Accused of Insulting Religion in His Class, which came in right behind me.

Over on the non-Council side, this week's selection of a winner was probably the most difficult since I was appointed to the Council; such a wonderful mix!

Winning was A Stand-up President from The Ornery American, one of my final contenders, but ultimately not my selection. It's a fine analysis of recent American presidential history (Regan through W. Bush); a quick and inciteful read.

Second place went to my selection for first place, A Muslim American from NRO. If all American Muslims felt and acted like M. Zuhdi Jasser, I would feel a lot more confident about the War on Terror.

See all the winners (and aren't we all winners, boys and girls?) here.

Thanks, Watcher! Be sure to enjoy the milk and cookies we left out for you!