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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Warmies: "Kill The Blind!"

This is a tale of compassion ... or more specifically, the absence of compassion among the Warmies, that doom-spewing bunch who put their hysterical fear of global warming above all else.

For example, they would rather fritter money tipping at warmie windmills than solve solvable problems like malaria. Of course, you won't hear a Warmie say, "We don't care about malaria! Fix global warming!"

This story is different, because it involves the icon that's on the middle of the Warmie religion's alter -- the ubiquitous Toyota Prius -- and it drew just such a quote, showing that Warmies and Greenies share all the raw anger of the Kos Krowd.

It seems that Priuses (Prii?) pose a very real and present danger to blind people:
Gas friendly electric hybrid cars are under fire from at least one group of people. The National Federation of the Blind believes the cars to be too silent, and a possible threat to the safety of the visually impaired.

"I'm used to being able to get sound cues from my environment and negotiate accordingly," said Deborah Kent Stein, the NFB's chair of their Committee on Automotive and Pedestrian Safety. In an interview with the Associated Press she says that, much to her surprise, she simply has no clue when a hybrid car, running at slow speeds, is approaching.

"We did a test, and I discovered, to my great dismay, that I couldn't hear it."

Hybrids are nearly silent when running on electric power, something the NFB says is incredibly hazardous. But with gas prices steadily rising, hybrid cars are becoming more popular. Year-to-year hybrid sales are up nearly 50% from 2006.

The committee conducted several unscientific tests, with visually impaired people instructed to signal when they were passed by a hybrid while standing in parking lots. The results were revealing.

"People were making comments like, 'When are they going to start the test?' And it would turn out that the vehicle had already done two or three laps around the parking lot," according to Stein.
The NFB call that Priuses make a little noise sounds reasonable enough, doesn't it? Not to Warmies, it's not! According to news reports, it generated this comment from an unnamed environmentalist:
... an environmentalist ... suggested that NFB President Marc Maurer die in a flood caused by global warming ....
With ocean levels rising about one one-hundredth of an inch a year, Maurer would suffer one slow death ... one he could easily tap his way to higher ground to avoid.

Maurer, who as a blind man should be just dripping with all the cloying tolerance heaped on him by politically correct Lefties, wasn't calling for a Prius ban; he just wants them to beep or click or whir. And for this, he gets something of a death threat.

Warmies ... very, very hot around the collar.

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