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Sunday, August 05, 2007

"Islamo-Cleansing" Behind Muslim Bakery Murders?

Let's piece it together.

Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey was murdered in broad daylight. He was working on a story concerning the finances of Your Black Muslim Bakery at the time. (His publisher says the story had been shelved because Bailey was unable to corroborate.)

YBMB members have been threatening businesses in their area that serve alcohol, smashing bottles and intimidating the owners.

Recently, YBMB's campaign has stepped up the violence considerably:
Police say Friday's arrests are linked to an Oakland crime spree that started in December, when a car was riddled with bullets from multiple guns. On May 19, two people were kidnapped, one of whom was robbed and tortured. In July, two people were killed in North Oakland. Guns from those killings and Bailey's slaying were traced back to the December spraying of the car with bullets, said Oakland homicide Lt. Ersie Joyner. (SF Chron)
From the descriptions of these crimes, it appears that each of the assaults was planned, targeting selected individuals. Two of the victims,
Michael John Wills Jr., 36, and Odell Roberson Jr., 31, who were gunned down near the bakery, were possibly killed by a YBMB effort to eliminate undesirables -- transients -- from the area, according to police.

Transients drink, smoke, do drugs and sell their bodies (with the standard anti-generalization disclaimers) -- behaviors that would not endear them to a radical Muslim community.

In an interview with SFChron, Wills' mother said she thought her son was killed because YBMB wanted to "cleanse" the neighborhood. (She also said her son, a musician and cook, was not an undesirable person.)

Her use of the word "cleanse" is interesting and troubling. We know from Sudan and the Balkans that when Muslims mix with others, "cleansing" efforts can follow. In the Balkans, it cut both ways; in Sudan, only non-Muslims are getting cleansed out of existence.

Bookworm, who lives in NoCal and probably has been following the YBMB story longer and closer than I, commented on an earlier post:
These particular Muslims are less Muslims and more an old-fashioned gangland family. They could equally well have been Black Panthers or Mafia. That is, unlike Islamists, whose religion is the core of their violent fanaticism, these guys are vicious killers who happen to have a religion that gilds that particular lily.
I think we're saying the same thing. Islamist killers come from all walks, with the most effective in the global war coming from middle and upper class families. In America, we have a few middle class Muslim jihadists (the Ft. Dix group) and a lot of criminal class jihad-bent Muslims recruited through "good Muslim" charities like the Muwafaq Foundation, that spread Wahhabist violence through the beneficence (malevolence) of Saudi multi-millionaires.

For whatever reasons, jihad-recruiting in the U.S. has fared better in prisons than the suburbs ... to date. But with each new generation, we will face a greater and greater threat from the middle and upper class Muslims, because they're the classes that tend to have the seriously disaffected youths.

In Oakland, whether it was gangland thugs or gangland Muslims, an effort at Islamo-cleansing (if indeed that's what it was) is over, with the arrest of seven jihadi-hooligans. But in Europe and America, campaigns like these should be expected. They'll probably be of less significance that outright jihad violence against Western civilization, but folks who don't curry to Sharia and live in close proximity to the home bases of Muslim organizations best beware.

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