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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Quote Of The Day: Islamophobia Edition

"Prime Minister Gordon Brown keeps repeating that the attacks have nothing to do with Islam - but, at the same time, keeps inviting "Muslim community leaders" to Downing Street to discuss how to prevent attacks. If the attacks have nothing to do with Islam, why invite Muslim 'leaders' rather than Buddhist monks?"
-- Amir Taheri, NY Post

Among the reasons why Islamists might want to self- and other-destruct in London and Glasgow, why they designed bombs of gasoline and nails and propane that would have killed hundreds if not thousands are these: Salman Rushdie was knighted, civilians have been killed in Afghanistan during fighting against the Taliban, and of course, Britain helped remove a despicable despot in Iraq and is now trying to reestablish order.

Oh, my.

By all means, kill us then.

Then there's London mayor Ken the Red Livingston's reasoning: They are killing us because we're Islamophobic. And here I thought we were Islamophobic because they were killing us. It goes to show how wayward Conservative thought can be, and why we need aging Pinkos around us, their brains half-rotted with liberal leprosy, to correct our thinking.

(That thinking may be why AP named the accompanying photo "BRITISH AIRPORT CRASH." Crash? As in Grandma fell asleep at the wheel and crashed her flaming Jeep into an airport again?)

Just because I don't know any better, and with apologies in advance to Red Ken, here are some Islamic phobias to balance out our Islamophobia:
Anything Western phobia

Cartoons of Mohammed phobia

Bibles in Muslim countries phobia

Any religion but Islam phobia

Someone touched my Koran phobia

Non-Muslims anywhere in the Gulf phobia

Take in the Palestinians phobia

Daughter has a boyfriend phobia

Daughter has a clitoris phobia

Alcohol in the cab phobia

Pork in the grocery store phobia

Young women dressed up phobia

Shi'ite phobia

Sunni phobia

A democracy in the Middle East phobia, also known as Dirty Jew Pig phobia
And the list goes on, and the "moderate" Muslims who don't suffer from these phobias or are brave enough to stand up and say "enough!" to their psycho religion are nowhere to be seen either -- and it's not surprising, because they know Islam also suffers from moderate Muslim phobia, and the reaction to it is very, very violent.

Is it a rational strategy to wait hopefully for the moderate Muslims to come forward? Or is it better to simply declare ourselves healthy, them sick, and get on with our well justified watchfulness and suspicion about things Islamic?

Call that Islamophobia if you must, but if you do, you call it wrong. We fear them because they're killing us, not the other way around.

Update: A group of British Muslims comes out strongly against terrorism, saying "condemnation is not enough." (h/t Jim)

Hat-tip: Real Clear Politics

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