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Monday, July 02, 2007

Dr. Mohammed Or Dr. Bill?

Who's the doctor arrested in Australia and charged with being a part of the British car bomb conspiracy? What's his, you know, nationality? His religious leanings?

The ever-respectful authorities aren't telling us who he is or where he's from. Yes, sure, he's a doctor at Gold Coast Hospital in Northern Queensland. And we know he's somehow affiliated with six other white-coated, pledge to heal types arrested in England and charged with various charges related to the willful killing of innocents.

But when reporters were shouting to Queensland premier Peter Beattie, "Is he Muslim?" "Is he al-Qaeda?" "Is he Arab?" Beattie answered only that he is not Australian-born. (source)

Oh, come out, bloke! Out with it! You know we know that you know! Why are you protecting "Muslim sensitivities" and not coming out with Dr. Mohammed's real name?