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Sunday, July 01, 2007

L'il Kim Launches Advanced New Missiles

Kim Jong-Il has failed utterly at proving his totalitarian form of rule can outperform South Korea's democratic approach to governance, so it appears he's hellbent on threatening the destruction of the embarassment to the south.
SEOUL, July 2 (AP) - (Kyodo) — The top U.S. military commander in South Korea said Monday that the short-range missiles North Korea test-fired last week were "advanced" and warned that its continued development and testing of a full range of modern missiles threatens peace and stability.

North Korea last week "conducted testing of advanced short-range missiles -- missiles specifically designed to attack the Republic of Korea (South Korea), its armed forces, and its citizens," Gen. Burwell Bell told local journalists, according to a partial text of his remarks posted on the U.S. Forces Korea website.

"These are modern, solid-fuel, which means that they are easy to handle and rapidly capable of being fired," he also said, according to Yonhap News Agency.

Bell, who commands 29,500 U.S. troops in South Korea, expressed concern over "the potential capability of North Korea to couple its missile technology with its demonstrated nuclear ability."

"The North's continued development and testing of a full range of modern short, medium, and long range missiles threaten the Republic of Korea, the region, and indeed the world," he said, according to his command's website. (Brietbart)
Of course, L'il Kim doesn't really care that SoKo is so much more successful, healthy and happy than NoKo. All that matters is that he's happier because NoKo provides him with such wealth, comfort and power.

A man who will sacrifice his people's health and wellbeing so he can indulge in expensive liquor, a massive porn collection and other self-indulgences is not exactly driven by a strong moral core. (I don't mean to imply by this photo that a certain former Sec of State had anything to do with L'il Kim's porn collection.)

Because his value system is basically "what's good for me?" it's perfectly acceptable under his worldview to play at negotiating away his nukes while continuing to advance the technology for delivering his nukes. That's why it's generally better to have wary, anti-Communist Republicans negotiating with him instead of feel good Dems.

No trust, no complacency; that's the framework for working with this guy. And having 29,500 trained and armed U.S. troops hanging out just south of his border isn't a bad idea either -- just like having so much U.S. military power all around Iran is a good idea.

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