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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Glasgow Bombers: Mohammed Or Bill?

Here's one of the Glasgow bombers, pants legs still on fire, being hosed down by an off-duty policeman who was at the scene. A very amazing photograph from the Daily Mail, which has quite a lot of photos of the last couple days of terror scares in its story here.

Obviously, a lot of people saw this guy at the airport and at the hospital, where he is under guard, reportedly with burns on 90 percent of his body. A lot of people saw the other Glasgow bomber, and it was reported by the Daily Mail that people witnessed two people being arrested along a motorway.

A fifth suspect was tasered and arrested this morning Glasgow. Expect more arrests -- they've blocked off Penny Lane in Liverpool; can you just read that street name, or do you sing it as I do?

But the papers (Times, Sun, Guardian)aren't running anything about those arrested; no names, no ethnicity (except one reference in the Guardian that a neighbor saw two men "of Asian appearance" at the house where the Glasgow bomb-Jeep had been parked).

New PM Gordon Brown is making it clear this is al-Qaeda related:
While I don't want to comment on the police investigation that is on-going, it is clear that we are dealing in general terms with people who are associated with al-Qaida.
Names are powerful things and until we see the names, they are just five suspects. Let's get the names out!