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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quote Of The Day: Voices Of Fear Edition

"We know what they're against. We just don't know what they're for. Are we going to respond to the voices of fear? That is the issue."
-- Senator Ted Kennedy

Perhaps I should re-name this post "Thundering of the day," because that's how WaPo described Kennedy's temper tantrum after the much-hated immigration bill went down to defeat in the Senate today.

No, Teddy, the issue is that for once the people spoke up enough to say we're done cowering to the voices of lies, misrepresentations and cover-ups, the voices of fear, if you will, trying to convince us that your way is the only way.

And saying that the good people of America are so strongly against the bill because we're all a bunch of racists who are against Mexicans, well, that should be enough for the good people of Massachusetts to send you packing.