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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

At War With Iran In All But Name

A while back, I posted something on the shadow war we're fighting with Iran in Iraq and a Lib attacked me for making assumptions about the fine Iranian government and more or less accused me of being, although he didn't use the word, an Iranophobe.

It's bizarre considering how little tripe masquerading as proof they need to condemn all things Bushian that they refuse to condemn the Iranian Islamists of having ill intent. What do they need, Ahmadinejad in fatigues at the front?

How about this instead?
IRANIAN forces are being choppered over the Iraqi border to bomb Our Boys, intelligence chiefs say.

Military experts claim this worrying move means we are at WAR with Iran in all but name.

Last night an intelligence source told The Sun: “It is an extremely alarming development and raises the stakes considerably. In effect, it means we are in a full on war with Iran — but nobody has officially declared it.

“We have hard proof that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps have crossed the border to attack us.

“It is very hard for us to strike back. All we can do is try to defend ourselves. We are badly on the back foot.”

Our Boys picked up the Iranian helicopters on radar crossing into empty desert.

The sightings have been confirmed to The Sun by very senior military sources.

At least two Brit squaddies are thought to have been killed by bombs planted during these incursions into Maysan province — Corporal Ben Leaning, 24, and Trooper Kristen Turton, 27.

A further 44 British deaths have also been linked to the highly advanced bombs, rockets and mortars which originated in Iran. (The Sun)

AFP confirms the story.

The Left will largely ignore this story. They'll consider it an isolated incident and be dismissive because the UK military reported it instead of Cindy Sheehan. Do you doubt me? Well, look at the story's discussion tag at Memeorandum:

Discussion: Captain's Quarters, Hot Air, National Review, The Newshoggers, Unqualified Offerings, Atlas Shrugs, Gay Patriot and Little Green Footballs

See any leftyblogs there? Nope. It's fine if the Left wants to whistle nervously and look the other way, but it makes them irrelevant to the debate over the global war on terror. If they can't even acknowledge who's fighting, what voice do they have in determining how to fight?

Iran's al Quds Brigade has been caught training and supplying anti-Coalition terrorists, and consequently have been responsible, if somewhat indirectly, for the deaths of hundreds of our troops. Now they're stepping it up.

Operation Arrowhead Ripper
is nearby. Why not see if we can catch some Iranian intervenors red-handed, kill them in a skirmish, and call an international press conference to ask Iran if they'd like to send someone over to pick up the bodies.

Up until now, the Bush Admin has been nearly as silent as the Left on Iran's interventions into Iran: an announcement now and then, but precious little action. There's a lot we can do short of declaring war, and it's time to do it.

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