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Friday, May 25, 2007

Watcher Winners

The Watcher's Council has spoken, and here's our picks for the best blog posts for this week:

Among the Council, Joshuapundit's spot-on analysisof the latest blow-up between Israel and the Jew-haters to the south topped the picks, followed by Rightwing Nuthouse's Musings on a Late Spring Afternoon, which depressed me mightily, but only because it's very likely true -- and well worth reading.

Next, the Colossus of Rhodey with a good job on a topic I often write about, Why Are Liberals So Afraid of Their Own Ideas?

Following hence, a three-way tie of posts, all first-place worthy: Soccer Dad's great analysis of global warming skepticism, Big Lizard's Pressure Mounts for Clinton, Obama, Feingold, Biden, Reid to Resign From Senate, a gnarly analysis of the Dem candidates and the Senate anti-war meltdown, and Done with Mirrors latest on Iraq.

Someone was kind enough to cast a sole vote for my Hello, Hillarycare! post, and The Glittering Eye, Eternity Road and Rhymes with Right all curried a vote or two as well.

Among the Non-Council winners, we see TigerHawk at the top o' the heap with On Dehumanizing the Enemy In War and the Nature of Victory. I highly recommend my nominee, which came in third, a piece by Claudia Rosette on the UN's latest scandal, Dollars for Despots, and its connection to the puppet-players behind the Wolfowitz matter.

See the other winners at Watcher of Weasels.

By the way, Dodgeblogium's post garnered a couple votes, which I was happy to see (one of them was mine). He posts weekly to the contest on his own, following the offer of link whorage. Consider following suit if you'd like your best post critiqued by the Council.

Thanks again, Watcher!