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Thursday, May 24, 2007

ABC Gets A Drubbin' For Iran Story

If you want to have some fun, check out the 1,500 or so comments posted at ABC News since it ran its story on Bush authorizing covert action against Iran.

The comments are overwhelmingly negative, calling ABC both traitors and "traders," suggesting new names for the network and many more of this slant:
Why, if it is covert, are you airing it and telling the Iranians what we are doing? Do you want more war and more killings of Americans? Let them do their [jobs] and keep your mouths shut.
Of course, those who want us to lose the war against terror voice of too. Here are three:

The Neocons will be out of office shortly.I pray for that day every morning.They are truly evil on this Earth.

I for one appreciate ABC's courage in letting Americans know what the government is up to. It's the present insane US government, not the Iranian, that's a threat to US citizens.

You have to be one ignorant sucker to not have known the US was already in Iran. Bush and his criminal politicos are fostering giant increases in terrorism in the US. Just wait and see. He has caused more harm to the US than any other president in history. Now, we'll all pay for it. God what morons these neo cons turned out to be.
Presumably, ABC reads the former and thinks, "What a bunch of rightwing whackos!" They read the latter and think, "Right on!"

Is anyone in the MSM asking themselves when was the an American president said a country should be wiped off the map? When was the last time an Iranian president said it? Where are the "giant increases in terrorism in the US?"

To paraphrase the last commenter above, God what morons the left continues to be.

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