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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Carter's Book Raises CBS Shareholder's Ire

The Left does have one point I'll buy -- there's too much consolidation in the media. Of course, they propose all the wrong actions and draw all the wrong conclusions from that point.

I'm a free market guy, so laisse faire on this, but the fact is, the liberal media extends its reach through its holdings, polluting the national discourse in the process. A case in point, from Galley Cat:
The New York Sun's Gary Shapiro reports that former President Jimmy Carter's most recent book, PALESTINE: PEACE NOT APARTHEID has riled up CBS stockholders in a big way. That's because the book was published by Simon & Schuster - a subsidiary of CBS - and so Carol Greenwald, the treasurer of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (and a CBS shareholder) plans to criticize the publisher at the meeting.

According to a statement shown to The New York Sun, Greenwald, who calls Carter's book "error-filled," plans to ask that a fact-checking system be set up to prevent material errors in books Simon & Schuster publishes and that a code of ethics be adopted for its publishing division.
CBS, which is quite good at sticking microphones in faces and intimidatingly demanding comment, declined to comment.

Of course, while I agree with the left concerning the problem, I don't agree with their solution: resurrecting, Zombie-like, the Fairness Doctrine. All that will accomplish is a chilling of the national discourse.

If we could just chill Carter's discourse ...

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