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Monday, May 21, 2007

DiCaprio Counts Down To W-Day

People are living in the last minutes of the final hour before it may be too late to do anything about global warming. At least that's what Leo DiCaprio -- who also pledged, "No more private jets for me!" -- told the folks at Cannes, where his 11th Hour film was screening.

It's full title apparently is 11th Hour, 59th Minute.

Since there's so little time left, DiCaprio doesn't have time to debate discuss global warming, instead:

"I wanted to give (the scientific believers) a way of not being challenged about whether the science is correct or whether their were opinions were valid," DiCaprio said.

Has there ever been clearer evidence that Hollywood is better at emoting than thinking? If it really were the final minutes of the final hour, do you really think there'd be any need to sequester the Warmie scientists from their questioners? Doesn't "final minutes of the 11th hour" pretty much mean it's all set, and if it's all set, how could there be any any wiggle room left?

What a pity the media will fawn all over this child-man who, because he gets paid well to pretend, is somehow seen as someone who knows what's real.

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