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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Warning: Stupid People Driving ... Or Governing

According California DMV, some extremely stupid people are driving on our roads and highways. I have it on good authority -- it's right on the wrapper of my new license plate.

Right next to the "click it or ticket" logo is this:
A safety belt can
  • Prevent painful injury
  • Save your life
When you buckle up!
Protection is void if your seat belt isn't fastenened at time of impact.
Thank you for that helpful little tip, Mr. Schwarzenegger & Co. Here we thought we could avoid the discomfort of continual seatbelt clickage by simply waiting until we have an accident, then click it shortly after impact. Things are much clearer now.

Does the government really think they serve people this stupid? Or is the government so stupid that it actually thinks warnings like this are necessary?

Methinks the latter.

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