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Monday, May 07, 2007

The Next Big Election

Now that Nikolas Sarkozy has at least temporarily buried the Socialists in France, eyes turn to the next big election: Turkey.

This won't be a dramatic ballot affair; Turkey chooses its president through rounds of Parliamentary actions. The biggest issue, will popular Islamist Abdullah Gul be able to make it into the running, is yet another test of whether Turkey's almost-100-year flirting with secularism can survive in an increasingly Islamist world.

Gul has many allies, from the rural towns of Turkey to the Prime Minister's office. The Army, which has deposed four Islamist leaders in the past, has warned against electing Gul. The EU has warned Turkey that if the Army interferes with a free election, Turkey's chances for membership in the organization will be diminished.

For a good backgrounder with ample historical perspective, see this article in the other CSM.

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