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Sunday, May 06, 2007

France Puts Mordor's Drumbeat On Hold

The people of France have decided in a big way that their socialistic, multicultural, politically correct, bureaucratic country is failing. And they decided in a landslide:

PARIS (WSJ) -- With tough proposals aimed at shaking France out of its deep economic and social slump, conservative politician Nicolas Sarkozy was voted France's new president on Sunday, defeating Socialist rival Segolene Royal by a solid margin in the final round of elections, according to a preliminary counting of votes.

Mr. Sarkozy collected 53% of the votes cast, according to preliminary counting of ballots by CSA polling agency. Ms. Royal took 47%, CSA said.

Got to hand it to the French: 85% of the electorate voted in the election. That massive turn-out sets up Sarkozy's challenge: A lot of unions, bureaucrats and Muslims voted against him and will fight his tough proposals to shock France out of its malaise.

Democratic Socialist Europe will be watching. If Sarkozy is able to accomplish a new, more functional, more free market France, and if he is able to make France a less popular destination for Muslim immigrants, look for a revolution to sweep through Europe.

If the unions, civil servants and immigrants win, the forboding sense of doom, like drumbeats from Mordor, will spread across Europe.

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