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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Senate Resolution To Show No Resolve Update

There was a vote on the Senate floor today, not on the Resolution to Show No Resolve, but on a matter that gave Senators a very real chance to vote their position regarding the war.

The vote was 83-13 in favor of how the war's been prosecuted.

Not exactly. It was actually a confirmation vote on Gen. George Casey as the next Army chief of staff. Casey had been grilled intensely by John McCain, Hillary Clinton and others during the confirmation hearing, so the matter of the war's conduct was clearly on the table.

Yet Dems were even more positive in their confirmation votes than the GOP, with only four Dems voting against Casey versus 10 GOPs, including McCain. Go figger.

The four Dems included fiercely anti-war Harkin, Hillary and her cohort on her recent Iraq trip, Bayh, and Fienstein, who's hubby's making money hand over fist off the war. Not enough money, perhaps?
That means every Dem presidential candidate instead of Hillary voted for Casey to by Chief. Hillary's vote was no doubt calculated: Since she voted for the war, she's looking for a way to be against the war, and she's settled on how it's been handled, not broader moral or geopolitical issues. She probably thinks that will make it possible for her to flop back to pro-war if the Surge succeeds. She's up to her old game of trying to play to the left and the center simultaneously. Expect eviceration to follow on the leftyblogs.

The GOP nay-sayers? McCain of course, and Bond, Bunning, Chambliss, Coburn, DeMint, Ensign, Graham, Smith and Sununu.

Joe Biden thinks Casey's work in Iraq was good enough, as do Chris Dodd, Turban Durbin, John Warner and the rest of the Resolution to Show No Resolve big shots. Do you need any more proof that these so-called leaders are nothing more than a hypocritical, vote-grubbing, troop-sacrificing bunch of evil-hearted rapscallions?

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