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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Leahy's Crocodile Tears

It's officially crocodile tear day at C-SM. First, we had Iran complaining about one of its diplomats getting kidnapped for a few hours. Boo hoo.

Well, grab your hankies because now Sen. Patrick Leahy is all blubbery about the GOP not letting a vote reach the Senate floor.

Paraphrasing the audio clip Hugh played today about Leahy's breakdown over GOP maneuvering to keep a vote from occurring on the Resolution to Have No Resolve:
There are just 100 of us representing 300 million American people, and the American people want us to take a position on the war in Iraq. They want us to vote on this resolution. Let it come to a vote! Let us vote!
Senator, there are 300 million of us and guess what? We wanted a vote on the president's judicial nominations. Up or down, just a vote for cryin' out loud -- but you stood in the way, using the same Senate rules Minority Leader McConnell used today and you bellicosely bragged about how you were just using the Senate's traditions and rules as they were intended to be used.

So if you don't mind, turn down the volume on your jabbering. It's really pathetic.

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