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Monday, February 05, 2007

The Strange World Of Iranian AIDS

Buried in a Raw Story article about an Iranian AIDS breakthrough -- the herbal mix IMOD (that only works when mixed with other AIDS drugs, natch) -- was this interesting note:
Intravenous drug use is believed to be the main cause of HIV/AIDS infection [in Iran] at 62.3 percent, followed by "unknown causes" at 27.9 percent and sexual contact at 7.4 percent.
The figures are no doubt complete fabrications, but they are worth pondering. The drug stats don't seem odd; repressive regimes often spawn drug use among their hopeless people.

"Unknown causes" can only mean two things, and neither of them is toilet seats. It could be that the hospitals of Iran are abysmal and cause contamination through tainted blood and needles. That would be truly awful, because for what Iran spends on its nuke program in a day or two, it could provide clean needles and clean blood.

The other probable cause is that sexual contact makes up most of those unknown causes. Thinking of the post below, it's no wonder that sex is not the stated cause of many of the AIDS cases. While stoning may not cure AIDS, it certainly would end the symptoms.

Also interesting is that Iran claims its population of 69 million has about 14,000 folks infected with AIDS -- but it officially worries that cases may number over 100,000 by the end of 2008. Drug use must be soaring! (By the way, the CIA says there are 31,000 infected with AIDS there.)

Are the Mullahs anticipating a lot more drug use? A lot more sex? Are they planning on eliminating their opposition with a bit of bad blood and categorizing it as an infection of "unknown cause?"

hat-tip: memeorandum
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