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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Why England's Muslim Youth Favor Sharia Law

Almost 40% of Britain's Muslim youth would prefer to live under Sharia law says Sky News, reporting the results of a recent survey. This story out of London gives us a hint why:

Abdul Saleem, 31, from east London, was found guilty of using threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour at a 300-strong demonstration outside the Danish embassy in central London in February last year.

The Old Bailey court was told that the telecoms engineer was the protest "cheerleader".

He was filmed chanting: "Europe, you will pay with your blood."

He yelled slogans such as "Bin Laden on his way" and denounced democracy and European countries including Britain, the prosecutor said.

Another British citizen Muslim, Umran Javed, has already been found guilty last month and will be sentenced in April. He vented, "Bomb, bomb Denmark. Bomb, bomb USA" and told his audience to take lessons from the murder of Dutch film director Theo Van Gogh and the Holocaust.

That's at least two British Muslims who would rather be under Sharia law -- as are the gangs of Muslims in the gallery who jeered and booed when they were sentenced.

This is the result of multiculturalism, plain and simple. Britain, which just decided not to call the War on Terror the War on Terror because it might offend its Muslim citizens, keeps trying to be nice while people like Javed and Saleem keep trying to destroy them.

Javed and Saleem are not the moral equivalents of the average Brit. They are viciously racist, hate-filled and utterly intolerant, and they thrill in exploiting the good will and superior morality of the nation, which despite its current misdirections is still Judeo-Christian at its core.

What is the point of extending tolerance to them -- some kind of Gandhian quest to meet violence with decency? It will not work with Islamofascists, but the rigorous application of English Common Law will.

Each violent Islamist who is hunted down by a disciplined police force, tried in a fair court and jailed in a humanitarian jail will be a symbol to the Islamic community that the nation they live in loves its culture, will protect it, and will encourage them to embrace it and leave the 12th century behind.

Multiculturalism will only give Javed and Saleem and their brothers the cover they need to pursue Islam's conquest of the West.

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