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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wake Up And Smell The Cordite, Islam

Those are volunteers in the photo, picking up body parts after Muhammad Faisal Saksak blew himself up in front of an Eilat bakery on Monday. Consider their task as you consider this head-scratcher from the religion of peace:
The mother of Muhammad Faisal Saksak, the 21-year-old suicide bomber who carried out Monday's attack in Eilat, said she was aware of her son's plan to blow himself up and that she had wished him "good luck."
Good luck? What does that mean?

"Good luck. Hope to see you soon?" Nope. "Good luck. Say hi to your sister?" Don't think so. Mrs. Saksak was wishing: "Good luck. I hope you kill a lot of Zionists pigs."

She should have been wishing, "Good luck that there really is a God so sick that he would consider you deliberately killing innocents to be a good thing, and that this sick God will let you into a virgin-filled heaven."

Good luck!?

When an American mom sends her son off to battle, she also wishes him good luck. Her wish is that God will keep him safe, and that he will return home, a healthy man ready to give her grandchildren and take care of her in her old age. She wishes that he will be able to help many more people than he has to kill, and she wishes that his service will help bring about peace.

According to JPost, Mrs. Saksak also wished for peace ... sort of:
"I pray to Allah that Muhammad will be accepted as a shaheed [martyr]," she said shortly after hearing about the Eilat bombing. "I hope that his martyrdom will deliver a message to the Fatah and Hamas fighters to stop the fighting and direct their weapons against the one and only enemy - Israel."
Well, I hope that his martyrdom does no such thing. May he rot in Hell, and may Fatah and Hamas keep killing each other so they rot in Hell too. And please, may this perverted Islamic religion of hate and death get a message that forced conversion by the sword has been out of vogue for quite a few centuries now.

Wake up and smell the cordite. Time to change.

Hat-tip: memeorandum
Photo: NYT
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