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Monday, January 29, 2007

The World's Dumbest Terrorist?

Wesam Al-Delaema, an Iraq-born Dutch citizen, has been extradited to the US, where he will stand trial for attempting to kill US forces in Fallujah in 2003. Fortunately, he won't have to defend himself against charges that he just might be the world's dumbest terrorist.

The case against Al-Delaema is not dissimilar to cases where rapists, vandalizers and other social dregs videotape their crimes -- then seem shocked that the tapes are being used to convict them of their crimes. Here's the AP report:
Al-Delaema traveled to Iraq after the U.S.-led invasion. Evidence against him includes a videotape he filmed of a group called "Warriors of Fallujah" preparing a roadside bomb, which was widely shown on Arabic TV stations. The tape was seized by police who raided al-Delaema's house in the Dutch city of Amersfoort in May 2005 following a tip from U.S. authorities.
When arrested, Al-Delaema responded pretty much like a carjacker shouting "It wasn't me, man!" from behind the wheel when caught in the act:
In extradition hearings in the Netherlands, al-Delaema argued that he was forced to make the video after being kidnapped and beaten. He said he feared being beheaded if he resisted.
Uh-huh. Then why did he tell Dutch TV:
"The Americans and British are coming to our country to steal oil and everyone knows it. I don't care if I myself die or not. I want to offer myself up for my land, for my people."
Sounds like he was more into beheading than he was afraid of being beheaded. His family dismissed the interview as a joke. They probably thought 9/11 was pretty darn funny too.

Welcome to America, al-Dalaema. You may not have heard, but it's the land of the free and the home of the brave. Hope you enjoy your stay. Be sure to visit our prison system while you're here to get a good dose of Yankee hospitality.

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