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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Think John Will Invite The Po' Folks Over?

Being for the little guy ... or at least suing on behalf of a class of little guys ... sure does pay off.

Carolina Journal reports that Dem prez candidate John Edwards' new home is the most expensive in Orange County, North Carolina: 102 acres, 25,600 square feet -- a 10,400 square foot home and a 15,200 square foot recreation building that includes a room designated a "John's lounge."

Edwards ventured off the estate recently to give a longwinded speech in New Orleans that shamed the president for not suggesting the salaries of Hallilburton executives be cut. How about the salaries of trial attorneys?

He also had an idea about how to get into a new home:
First, let's help folks buy a home they can actually keep. Today, the rich get subsidies while the poor get ravaged by predatory lenders. We should do something different: crack down on those lenders and offer a new deal to poor families just going into the workforce: for the first five years you are working, we will set aside up to $1,000 in an account to help you make home payments. After five years, you'll have up to $5,000 for down payments.
At $1,000 a year, how long would it take Johnny to get a 10% downpayment together for his new home? This might not set too well with the po' folk, but it would be 600 years before he could slap his wad on the counter at the corner mortgage lender and ask for the keys to his new digs.

You just have to wonder why he saw the dirt poor as his constituency.

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