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Friday, January 26, 2007

Iran Blames Hiroshima For Its Holocaust Denial

Today every one of the members of the UN except Iran -- even the long list really deplorable criminal nations -- voted without reservation to condemn the Holocaust. Iran had different a idea:

Iranian representative Hossein Gharibi, while reiterating his country’s “unambiguous” condemnation of genocide against any race, dismissed the resolution as a manipulation to deflect attention from Israel’s “atrocious” crimes and said it should have included other cases of genocide such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where the US dropped atomic bombs, Palestine, Rwanda and the Balkans.

“In view of the above we truly disassociate ourselves from this entire hypocritical political exercise,” he declared. (source)

Apparently Mr. Gharibi thought he was somewhere other than the UN -- which passed 22 resolutions against Israel in 2006 alone. No one is better than the UN at not deflecting attention from Israel.

It's an interesting brain-teaser to try to figure out how Gharibi can correlate the bombing of Hiroshima with the Holocaust. The residents of Hiroshima were citizens of Japan, a country we were at war with, that was desperately trying to defeat us. The victims of the Holocaust were Jews from all over Europe who were killed by the country we were trying desperately to defeat.

The Japanese citizens were supporters of the Japanese war machine. The Jews were victims of the German war machine.

I have to admit I'm a bit shell-shocked that the UN would vote so solidly on a measure that acknowledged the Jewish tragedy. However that came to papss, it is a fine double-dip that it brought with it a level of isolation Iran has never before had to face.

Enjoy the moment. The UN will be ticking us off again momentarily.

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